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Especially in times of economic change, where markets are repeatedly shaken by crises and banks are on the verge of bankruptcy, many people are confronted with the problem of financing important purchases. To be able to borrow money as quickly as possible, the instant payday loan is ideally suited.

Take control and Request an instant credit loan now


The advantage of an instant payday loan via this address is that you do not have to wait long for the installment loan to be granted. However, customers benefit not only from the fast loan approval but also from the customer-friendly financing and the often favorable conditions of an instant payday loan. The sum, as well as the term and the repayment agreements, can be determined individually with an instant payday loan so that the greatest possible flexibility is guaranteed even in our times by an instant credit.

Quick money borrow with additional protection

Being able to lend money quickly – whether it’s a PC, tablet or laptop financing – is a great advantage. However, this possibility should not be underestimated, because in life never before can be seen, what the future brings. In order to be sufficiently secure in cases of disability, divorce, sudden unemployment or even death, the money and the financial basis, it is advisable, in addition to the instant payday loan to sign a letter of protection. This letter covers the sum insured in the cases listed so that all contingencies of life are taken care of. In addition, the protection letters for instant payday loans can be terminated at any time.

Borrow money quickly with a loan comparison

Borrow money quickly with a loan comparison

The various offers of various credit companies often ensure that you lose track of the advantages and disadvantages of each instant payday loan. In this case, a credit comparison pays off, as it is possible to individually specify your own ideas and requirements for a loan and to filter out only suitable offers. An online credit comparison can be simple and convenient z. B. be performed on Walking Lending.

Payday Loans – how and where to borrow safely

There are dozens of types of loans on the market, hundreds of banks and non-bank providers. How do we know about loans? See for further editorial

Payday Loans by purpose

Loans by purpose

We distinguish between purpose and non-purpose loans. For example, consolidation loans, car loans, home loans including mortgages, home renovation loans, furniture, consumer goods, and the like. It is practical to use short-term, non-purpose loans before payout, which are handled quickly and online. All Ferratum loans are purposeless, which means you don’t have to prove what purpose you used them for. It can be a surcharge of energy as well as a first minute holiday!

Loans by provider

Loans by provider

There are a number of lenders. Some are more forgiving, but usually demand higher interest rates and have worse conditions. It’s best to go straight to the bank. Banking, previously non-bank loans online Ferratum has been operating since 2005, and has helped more than 2.5 million clients worldwide. You can also get it easily – with the age ranging from 19 to 85 years and repayment of previous loans. In addition, if you choose a Ferratum bank loan that is as fast as a non-bank loan, you will be under the protection of a multinational financial company all the time.

Loans by repayment period

Loans by repayment period

We distinguish between long-term and payday loans. The basic difference between these loans lies in the amount of the amount provided and, of course, in the repayment period. payday loans are not a large amount of money, so the repayment period is much shorter than long-term loans. Another difference is the claim for payday loan approval. You do not need any special forms or statements to make a payday loan highly available. Ferratum Bank provides short-term and long-term loans of CZK 2,500 to CZK 80,000, where the repayment term is up to you. And for the new clients there is the first free loan.

Loans under conditions

Loans under conditions

A quick loan with no proof of income is available in the bank today – for all clients with a good credit history. Normally, you only need basic documents to conclude a loan agreement with Ferratum, and you don’t even need a personal meeting. It is essential to respect the principles of responsible lending, both sides. Everything that the bank detects is in the interest of your security and smooth repayment. You can settle the loan from home online, via computer or mobile. Join and learn about your loan options without proof of income even without a registry.

Loans by type and status of the applicant

Loans by type and status of the applicant

Smaller entrepreneurs, women on maternity leave, pensioners, students and people on low incomes are often considered problem clients in traditional banks. They often feel that they have nothing but a disadvantageous SMS loan. However, Ferratum Bank’s online loans are also available to these groups of interested parties. Plus, you get them without a guarantor, pledge, and minimal administration. All you have to do is if you are between 19 and 85 years old and have paid your previous Ferratum loans. The best conditions then have bank loans for repeat clients, whose reliability and ability to repay have already been verified.

By loan amount

By loan amount

Loans up to CZK 5,000 used to be the domain of non-banking companies, which often demanded excessively high interest rates. Today, you can arrange these micro loans quickly and online at the bank. An immediate loan to an account from Ferratum Bank can be from 2500 CZK to 80 000 CZK. You get a loan if your age is between 19 and 85 years and you have a previous commitment with Ferratum. No guarantor, pledge, and unnecessary paperwork.

Flexible Loans – Financial Reserve

Flexible Loans - Financial Reserve

The Ferratum Credit loan account, set up simply online from CZK 2,500 to CZK 80,000, allows you to make flexible loans with the effect of a financial reserve, immediately sent to your account. The advantage is that Ferratum Credit always provides money at hand, but when you do not use it, you do not pay any fees. Unlike payday loans before payout, you have the freedom to repay – you can repay the full amount at any time, or choose installments of any amount. The only condition is to send a monthly minimum of 12.5% ​​of the amount currently due. In addition to the flexible monthly reimbursement and the ability to redeem without a register, Ferratum Credit offers new clients a first free loan – up to $ 80,000 with 0% interest for 30 days.

Short-term quick loans before payout

Short-term quick loans before payout

If you need to get money quickly and easily, Ferratum Credit is the right choice, and it can act as a payday loan before paying between 2500 and 80,000 CZK. You will get the loan immediately to your account and the loan maturity is up to you. You can repay it once or use monthly installments. For new clients, the first loan is free – you will borrow up to CZK 80,000 and you will return CZK 80,000 for 30 days. If you find that your monthly loan repayment would suit you, it’s no problem. You simply pay a prescribed minimum installment every month.

Consumer loans for repeat clients

Consumer loans for repeat clients

If you need more money and want to pay monthly installments, there is also Ferratum Credit. When you negotiate this online loan, you choose only the amount and maturity is up to you.

7 ways to borrow money for your business

If you want to start a business, you need money. This is possible with a business loan, but as a starting entrepreneur it is often difficult to take out such a business loan with the bank. Fortunately, there are several ways to finance the company. We give you seven other ways to borrow money for your business and tell you how you should not do the borrowing of money for the business.

Business loan

Business loan

In order to take out a business loan , you have to meet certain requirements for the bank. So it is to your advantage if your BKR registration is positive, you can prove with proof that you can actually pay off the financing and that you are willing to give up the company or even your own home as collateral. If you do not meet this requirement, there is a very small chance that you can take out such a business loan. And if you do get this, that this can only be done at very high interest rates. That is, of course, very unfavorable, because that means borrowing money much more.

Closing a private loan is not allowed

If you can not get a business loan from the bank, there is still plenty of opportunity to borrow or even receive money. Unfortunately, you can not borrow money privately for the case. You always have to give up at the bank for which you take out a loan, you have to be honest about this. You could of course take out a personal loan or an ongoing loan to use this money for a personal purpose and then use your money for the company.

Loan from the government

With a good and realistic business plan you can try to get money through one of the government’s initiatives. For example, with the Innovation Fund SME + you can receive a ‘subsidy’ between € 50,000 and € 250,000. You must repay this amount. You can also opt for a microcredit, where you can borrow up to € 50,000. If you want to claim a government loan, there is something wrong with that. She wants to advise and guide you before, during and after starting your business.

Alternative financing options

Alternative financing options

Do you want or can not take out a business loan? Then as an entrepreneur it is also an option to go for one of the many alternative financing options. These are loans that do not come from a bank. However, banks and alternative financiers sometimes work together; banks then finance part. You can also combine certain payment options in a financing mix. Think of financing from your own company, subsidies, Startup Box, family and friends and crowdfunding.

Popular: Online credit

Is it not possible to borrow money from the bank as a starting entrepreneur? Then try to call on online lenders . These are independent organizations that provide credit to new entrepreneurs who do not meet the acceptance criteria of banks. Via such parties you can borrow up to € 250,000 in most cases. The online credit application is fully online. At most companies, you will receive confirmation within a few days whether you are eligible for the credit, so that the requested amount will be in your bank account for the same week. Some lenders also look at social aspects, so if you do something for society, you certainly have an advantage.

Are you eligible for online credit?

Are you eligible for online credit?

Compare all online lenders and view
what the costs are for your business loan

compare credit



This way of raising money for the financing of your company is certainly worth a try. Especially if you do not need a very high amount, but you do have a gunfactor with the people. Through crowdfunding you ask other people to ‘sponsor’ your company online, they grant you their money, then they will donate this. That way you can try to get the desired amount together.

Find an investor

Find an investor

In addition to crownfunding, you can also look for someone who wants to invest in your company. For example, there are rich businessmen and women who want to invest private capital in promising startups. You also call these informal investors, and these can be found through venture capital organizations. Then there are the big companies that want to invest money in unquoted shares. These are private equity investors.

Save, friends and family

A good idea is to first see for yourself how far you are coming, and to start saving before you start a business. This is only possible if you know a long time in advance that you will start a business. Put your money on the bank, you will still receive interest on it. That is a lot more favorable than borrowing yourself and having to pay interest on this borrowed amount. Do you have little, or just not enough, money to start your business and do not want to use any of the above options? Then you can always choose to borrow money from friends or family. Make sure you make good arrangements and that you are sure that you can pay the amount back. Otherwise, you will not be the first to be caught up in a family quarrel due to money matters.

Credit for pensioners

Money in old age: a loan for pensioners

Money in old age: a loan for pensioners

Especially in old age you can quickly need some money. You want to treat yourself to a nice trip, your own house has needed some renovation or you want to pay for the children’s wedding. If you have not saved enough money, then you still have a loan. However, a loan for pensioners and seniors is not comparable to traditional loans. This has some special conditions, which you should take a close look at before. Many banks and credit institutions already offer special loans for retirees.


Money in old age: a loan for pensioners

  • Getting a loan is not easy
  • The right conditions
  • Pensioner loan from 65 years
  • Request a free credit check according to § 34 BDSG
  • Detailed reflection of own finances
  • Get offers from various financial institutions
  • In low-interest phases, fixed interest rates and the longest possible terms
  • No hasty contracts

This is mainly because the German population is getting older and older. In this respect, the pension is getting smaller and you can often get problems. That is why loans for pensioners are becoming increasingly important. Pensioners also have special wishes, which they want to fulfill.

Getting a loan is not easy

Getting a loan is not easy

A loan for retirees is not always easy to get. Various banks and credit institutions are moving forward with caution in these cases. This is because pensioners have a higher risk of disease and death . Thus, the banks fear the risk of a personal bankruptcy of the borrower. This can happen quickly if it has to be ill or cared for.

In most scenarios , a residual debt insurance can help . Such insurance secures the loan amount should the borrower fall ill or die. Thus, the rates could not be paid.

If you have a residual debt insurance, then it is a bit easier to take a loan for retirees. Nevertheless, it is still a big act. Many providers demand significantly higher interest rates or limit the repayment term extremely.

With a loan for retirees one must always be aware of one thing: the conditions are in most cases much worse than it is with borrowers outside the retirement age.

The right conditions

Of course you can vote the banks and credit institutions a little more cooperative. This is just possible through impeccable SCHUFA information , regular pension income of around 1,000 euros a month and other securities. With these prerequisites, a good starting position is created as a pensioner. In any case, you should submit a pension notice and documents proving your livelihood to the banks.

If there are other sources of income, then these can also be detected. If these basic requirements are not met, then it is really hard to get a loan for retirees. Very few financial institutions will make such a loan possible.

Pensioner loan from 65 years

Another important topic is age. With loans, the higher the age, the more complicated it becomes to get a loan. At the beginning of 60, the chances of getting a loan are still pretty good. But if you are already over 65 years old , it will be really hard. Only a few banks lend to pensioners up to the age of 79 years.

Good to know:
When looking for a loan for retirees, you should also keep an eye on the internet. There are often good and suitable offers here. However, high interest rates and other conditions are required for these. Otherwise, a comparison in the search can help. The internet will also be useful in this area.

Request a free credit check according to § 34 BDSG

Prior to granting the loan, it is essential to obtain a free credit report from Schufa in accordance with section 34 BDSG. This can be requested once a year free of charge. The document can be requested either by post or online.

Postal applications are to be directed to the service center of the credit agency. An informal letter asking for the individual credit rating according to § 34 BDSG is sufficient. For identification, copies of the front and back of the valid identity card must be attached to the cover letter. Letters must be provided with the following address:

Schufa Holding AG
Private customer service center
PO Box 103441
50474 Cologne

An online application for the receipt is also uncomplicated . For this purpose, users must follow the menu items “Private customers” or “Data overview according to § 34 of the Federal Data Protection Act” via the internet presence of the credit agency.

The personal credit information should be promptly checked for correctness. Erroneous data can be revoked and deleted in accordance with § 35 BDSG.

Detailed reflection of own finances

In the run-up to a loan request, the careful exploration of personal finances has the highest priority . Therefore, a detailed listing of all valuable assets such as home ownership, equity, securities and precious metals should be prepared. It is also important to explicitly name one’s own financial scope for action.

Potential borrowers must therefore determine their freely disposable monthly income . In the course of this, the monthly net income, which consists of the respective pension payments and optionally other income, such as lettings, is to be compared with the monthly expenditure.

In this context, possible rental payments, including ancillary costs, ancillary ancillary costs, mortgage lending rates, current loans and household and insurance expenses should be taken into account. In addition, it is advisable to set a fictitious value for hobbies or unforeseen costs and to include this in the calculation.

Get offers from various financial institutions

Some reputable financial institutions offer explicit “senior loans”. Such as the “Sparda – Bank”, which has a strong branch network . Postbank also offers private loans without age restrictions. Therefore, it is worthwhile for seniors to compare different credit models and the respective providers. There are often significant interest rate differentials between the individual banks. Therefore, consumer advocates recommend to obtain several offers. So not only the house bank should be requested.

The purpose of the inquiries was to draw specific attention to the purpose of the loan, since many banks are also granting purpose-assigned loans in addition to freely available loans.

The effective interest rate is considered the “price tag” of a loan. This value includes the borrowing rate, the fixed interest period and the respective repayment rate. In addition, the effective rate covers agency and processing fees . Therefore, a comparison of the individual offers can be achieved via this value.

For exact comparison, however, the terms of payment must be identical. The personal consultation includes the valid ID card, the last 3 pension statements, the bank account statements for the past month, proof of real estate ownership or securities, and optional receipts for monthly rental or lease income.

If potential borrowers have only low pension benefits, the involvement of a second co- debtor may be worthwhile. The same borrower should have regular income and good credit. In this way the credit conditions can be improved.

In low-interest phases, fixed interest rates and the longest possible terms

In low-interest phases, fixed interest rates and the longest possible terms

In phases characterized by low interest rates, fixed interest rates and long-term maturities should be agreed. If the base rate is below the average of 6.5%, this is considered a low-interest phase .

By contrast, variable interest rates and short maturities should be concluded in so-called high-yield phases. If the loan is used for real estate financing, the consultant must explicitly ask for specific funding opportunities. Therefore, it must be carefully examined whether state subsidies can be claimed.

Energetic building and renovation are subsidized. Corresponding funds are awarded by KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau). In addition, regional institutions such as the IFB (Hamburg) or NBank Niedersachsen subsidize various construction projects.

In general, it is possible to split Keditbeträge . In this case, different fixed interest rates can be agreed. According to consumer advocates, this option should be chosen if the borrower is sure to pay corresponding installments after z. B. 5 years to be able to replace.

No hasty contracts

A second person should accompany the borrower to the financing discussion . A division of roles is advisable. So only one person takes over the active communication, the second person focuses on listening. A period of reflection should be granted to the borrower.

Consumers should not under any circumstances press and push for hasty signatures. In this context, blank signatures should be avoided. In addition, the documents should be carefully examined. Copies of all documents must be requested.


Credit for civil servants

The loans for civil servants

At the present time, many banks and credit institutions have targeted specific target groups for loans. This includes the ever-popular officials. Civil servants can now take advantage of many attractive and low-interest loan offers. Here, the officials are considered the preferred target group of banks. This is because they have a secure job and are almost “non-terminable”. For this reason, the officials receive particularly favorable interest rates when borrowing and benefit from a long term.


Loans for civil servants – Really useful?

  • What do you have to pay attention to?
  • A quick comparison helps
  • Request a free credit report
  • Check data overview for civil servant credit for correctness
  • Individual financial position before taking up loan to probing officials
  • Question offers from financial institutions
  • Obtain information regarding a civil servant loan

In recent years, supply has grown rapidly. That’s why today you can not only find a loan for civil servants, but a variety of offers .

But you should not opt for the first best offer, but first start a comparison. There is a lot to be considered when selecting the civil service loan.

Loans for civil servants – Really useful?

Loans for civil servants - Really useful?

Because of their exceptional professional status, civil servants are perfect customers for banks and credit institutions. Traditional customers have to pay high interest on long-term loans. This is not the case for civil servants. The higher interest rates are precisely due to the increased risk , which is often associated with a long term. Civil servants, on the other hand, can benefit from a long term and receive favorable interest rates.

Of course, these rates vary from provider to provider. An official has no fixed-term employment contract. Thus, they are very safe customers for the bank and therefore so popular. Likewise, civil servants can also receive large sums of credit. This can also be attributed to the secure profession.

What do you have to pay attention to?

When choosing the loan, one should pay particular attention to the effective interest rate. You have to compare this with other offers. Only then can you find the right official loan. The effective interest rate depends on the credit rating and can be very different. Likewise, you have to pay attention to the term and loan amount. Although an official has a secure job and thus a constant income, the duration is to be matched exactly to the loan amount. If too long a term to be chosen, then you have to expect high credit costs.

But the opposite is not better. If the term is too short, one often faces a high level of liquidity , which could lead to financial bottlenecks, especially in everyday life. Also on the repayment one should throw an eye.

Good to know:
Very useful is the repayment before the conclusion of the loan. However, most of the interest also rises a bit. Likewise, installment payments or similar types are available, which should be checked in advance.

A quick comparison helps

Before you decide on a civil service loan, so you should make a comparison. This is easily possible today via the Internet. Many financial portals offer the possibility for a quick and easy comparison of civil servant loans . For this purpose, usually a comparison computer is used. This calculator then allows individual information. Such details may include loan amount, term, usage, repayment and much more.

These can then be taken into account in the search. By the information then only the offers are shown, which really fit the own needs. So you can save a long search. Surely you will soon find the right loan for an official and then apply directly.

Request a free credit report

Despite official status, it is in the context of a loan application to prove the individual creditworthiness. Therefore, according to § 34 BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act), a free credit report should be requested from Schufa . This is available once a year at no charge.

The application for the document is possible via the postal service as well as the homepage of the credit agency . Letters must be accompanied by copies of the front and back of the respective identity card for identification purposes.

Written applications should be sent to the following address:

Schufa Holding AG
Private customer service center
PO Box 103441
50474 Cologne

In order to apply for the credit check online, users must follow the menu items “Private Customers” and “Data overview according to § 34 of the Federal Data Protection Act” via the website of the credit reference agency. This is how applicants get to the order form.

Check data overview for civil servant credit for correctness

The given data should be critically examined. If the overview contains incorrect entries, they must be revoked immediately or their deletion requested.

§ 35 BDSG gives consumers the right to delete this content. Schufa does not include employment data in the calculation of the individual scores . Thus, in theory, civil servants can also be downgraded due to specific scoring entries.

Even without negative entries such a gradation is conceivable. For example, if a person has multiple accounts, credit cards, and telecommunications contracts at the same time, this suggests an allegedly unusual payment behavior. Therefore, positive entries in their total can have negative consequences.

Individual financial position before taking up loan to probing officials

In order to draw up a sound financing plan, it is imperative to determine the personal financial scope. Therefore, potential borrowers should make an initial assessment of their free disposable monthly income in advance of a counseling interview.

In the course of this, the respective monthly net income, other income, rent plus ancillary costs, ancillary costs for property, possible mortgage lending rates and other credit installments as well as optional entertainment payments must be included in the calculation. In addition, household expenses, insurance and possible financing costs of the car are to be considered . In addition, monthly costs for hobbies and gifts should be planned.

It is mandatory to carry the valid identity card or passport. Applicants must also submit the salary statements for the last 2 months. This information is to be taken from the respective official status or the classification in the public service. In addition, a proof of account of the main bank account for the past month and the certificate of appointment as “civil servant” must be submitted. In addition, explicit disclosures regarding equity should be made.

Question offers from financial institutions

The civil servant status is usually tied to a timely loan commitment and a favorable annual interest rate . Constant repayment rates go hand in hand with planning security. Optionally, civil servants can easily collapse or repost loans. Special repayment installments can also be arranged easily. In addition, civil servants are characterized by low interest rates, long maturities and high loan amounts. Nevertheless, a comparison of the individual offers is advisable.

Civil servants’ loans are earmarked or concluded for free use. In addition, the annual percentage rate and the borrowing rate are to be compared.

Officials can further optimize their favorable conditions through additional collateral. Thus, officials who want to use a loan to finance a car, should explicitly complete appropriate financing . The optional assignment of the motor vehicle letter leads to even cheaper rates.

Good to know:
If applicants do not want to take out another loan, this should also be noted. This also brings with it a further optimization of the conditions.

Obtain information regarding a civil servant loan

Officials may, instead of a civil servant’s loan, take out a civil servant’s loan if they so wish . This is a mix of credit and insurance. Some financial institutions offer this option.

A loan is not an installment but a term loan . Accordingly, only the interest must be paid during the term. The repayment of the total sum takes place at the end of the term. According to the term a life insurance for loan amount and credit interval is completed.

During this time window, the person pays. If the insurance is due, the saved amount will be used to repay the loan. Such offers are to be compared in terms of their monthly rate.

Credit comparison – Compare and save credits

Compare Loans – Compare Loans and Save

Compare Loans - Compare Loans and Save

A credit comparison is made fast on the internet today

Anyone who decides on a loan should take enough time in advance to compare the individual offers. Even though the credit providers ultimately offer the same services, they are quite different in terms and conditions. Even today, at a time of low interest rates, overpriced loans can jeopardize the borrower’s existence. However, those who get informed in advance and also compare the different offers, will end up with a cheap credit and fulfill the dream he wants to realize with the financing.

 Woman compares credit at the computer


  • 1 credit comparison: The first way usually leads to the house bank
  • 2 Free credit comparison – the internet makes it possible
    • 2.1 The loan comparison in detail – which positions are significant?
    • 2.2 The interest rate
    • 2.3 The monthly rate
    • 2.4 The total loan amount
  • 3 Other aspects to be considered in the comparison
  • 4 Offers from online banks should also be taken into account
    • 4.1 The conclusion to the credit comparison

Credit comparison: The first route usually leads to the house bank

Credit comparison: The first route usually leads to the house bank

As a rule, the applicant turns first to his house bank. Finally, he knows his advisor there, may have opened his salary account years ago and sometimes even completed various insurance. That the first way leads to the house bank is by no means unnatural. But that does not mean that the house bank has the best deal for the customer. The house bank may have had the best conditions in terms of salary or credit card, but can also offer bad conditions – referring to the desired loan – offer. Just because the customer has had his bank account for years and is satisfied does not mean that the consultant can present very good terms. Nevertheless, take credit offerings, study them and include them in the comparison with other credit providers. Urge bank accountants to sign, one should be careful. Since a loan is a very important step, which is certainly responsible for the financial situation of the next few years, you should leave enough time.

Free credit comparison – the internet makes it possible

Free credit comparison - the internet makes it possible


On the Internet there are numerous credit comparison portals (eg ). More than half are free; Chargeable credit comparison portals are also available, but should be avoided. The applicant only has to enter the desired loan amount and term and will immediately receive a list of credit providers offering loans on different terms. However, before taking a close look at the credit comparison, the applicant has to answer in advance the question of whether its financing is an installment loan (with or without its purpose) or a mortgage loan . Here, too, there are differences, which are noticeable above all in the amount of interest. Who wants a installment loan with purpose, should directly compare those financings. Anyone who does not want a purpose and wants the money at leisure, must expect a slightly higher interest.

The credit comparison in detail – which positions are important?

In order to understand the credit comparison at the end and also to know which positions are of importance, the applicant should deal with the essential factors. The most important items include the interest rate, the monthly installment and the total loan amount. The latter is the measure of all things and sometimes the deciding factor, whether the loan offer is signed or not.

The interest rate

Interest rates play a significant role. Today, the low interest rates. This means that the applicant should certainly favor loans that have a low interest rate. In this case, the applicant must distinguish whether he wants a variable or fixed interest rate. The advantage of the variable interest rate is obvious: the interest rates are based on the European interest rate; if it rises, the interest rates rise too – the monthly rate increases. However, if the interest rate is adjusted downwards, the interest rate automatically decreases, making the monthly rate cheaper. For fixed rates, the monthly rate remains the same regardless of whether the European interest rate skyrockets or falls to the basement. The borrower already knows what his last monthly loan installment will be before his first repayment.

The monthly rate

Of course, the question of one’s own financial situation also plays an important role in the rates. Which monthly rate can be paid easily, even if several months follow unemployment or unexpected payments that can not be postponed? Borrowers who calculate very tightly often have no room for “special payments”; Here, the purchase of a new washing machine can be a problem when the monthly repayment is so high that just 300 euros a month for daily life remain.

The total loan amount

That position is the key factor in any loan comparison. The total loan amount is the amount that must ultimately be paid to the loan provider. This amount consists of the loan amount and the interest and also the other costs – such as processing fees or account maintenance fees. Here, the applicant recognizes whether it is a cheap or more expensive loan. It is precisely this amount that should ultimately be the decisive factor as to whether or not the applicant chooses the loan.

Tip: Anyone who has found a loan and makes an application must – if he receives the contract to be signed – pay attention to whether the conditions have changed. Many banks are also based on the creditworthiness of the customer, so that a good credit rating for improved conditions, but a bad credit rating can sometimes worsen the conditions!

Other aspects to be considered in the comparison

Of course, other benefits must also be taken into account – such as special payments. Special payments offer the possibility that the loan can be repaid early. Many banks offer such facilities, while others refuse to make any special repayments. It should be noted that special repayments on variable interest rates are almost always possible; With fixed interest rates, there is the possibility of special payment, but the special repayment brings no profit, since the borrower must pay the interest still due. As a rule, this is not required for variable interest rates.

Offers from online banks should also be taken into account

Offers from online banks should also be taken into account

In the credit comparison, the applicant will also find that not only traditional banks with branches are used, but also so-called direct or online banks. Especially if the applicant is looking for a small loan , an online bank can be the best choice. Online banks are known for their low interest rates or often forego other fees that make the loan expensive in the end. If you have no problem submitting your application online or communicating with your bank advisor by e-mail or telephone, you can also take out a loan through an online or direct bank.

The conclusion to the credit comparison

Even though there are numerous reports in various specialist magazines that regard the credit comparison as particularly important, many applicants still refrain from comparing the different offers. However, those who deal with the matter and conduct a credit comparison can sometimes save amounts of money in the range of three, if not four, a year.

Credit for dentures

A loan for the dentist

Many people do not just bother with the dentist, but also with the subsequent bill. After all, the cost of dental care continues to increase. If you do not have comprehensive insurance, you have to dig deep into your pocket. Depending on the insurance, the deductible may rise. Of course you could save money, but that is often very tedious. That’s why you have to look elsewhere for payment methods. Already in the waiting room of many dental practices is advertising for dental loans. But is that the right way?


A loan for the dentist

  • Dental Loan – What is it?
  • Do not use unnecessary treatments
  • What else is important?
  • How to get low on a loan for dentures?
  • How do you get a loan for dentures in no time?
  • What to look for in a loan for dentures?
  • Which documents should be kept available?
  • What is the maximum amount of credit?

Dental Loan – What is it?

Dental Loan - What is it?

A loan can be very tempting. Here, of course, not the infinitely high loans, as for a home, meant, but cheap alternatives. These are completely adapted to the needs in the dental field and therefore have short terms and attractive interest rates. Most offers start from 250 euros. These can reach up to several thousand euros. Of course, depending on the dental treatment and its cost. Some providers also have special conditions. Therefore, a dental loan, especially with high income is highly recommended . If you repay the loan then within half a year, no interest will be charged.

With a longer term there are then usually attractive interest, which can be paid off. Keep in mind that interest rates keep rising the longer the term is. So if you only have a very low income and therefore take a long time to pay off the loan, then that’s not the way to go. The installment payments can quickly become a problem and burden the household budget . Even debts can arise.

Do not use unnecessary treatments

Another danger of the loan for the dentures is the financing itself. Often you run the risk that you use a much too expensive dentures. This is then not medically necessary, but one can “have” him. But not only of patients can run out of this danger, but also many dentists want to convey too expensive dentures . That is why the flyers of the credit companies are often missing. That’s why you should not blindly take out a loan and pay the treatment.

The best way to get a second opinion before, whether the costly intervention is really necessary to the extent. Such an opinion can be obtained from the Dentists’ Chamber or the Dentistry Association. In this respect, you can avoid unnecessary costs.

What else is important?

Before completing the dental loan, you should be sure that you can pay the monthly installments. You must not slip into the Dispo and not get too large restrictions. These may involve trips, trips or more. Before the bank approves such a loan, often a Schufa information is obtained . That’s why you should not have a Schufa entry. This can have a negative effect on the creditworthiness. When making a pre-proposal, keep in mind that the bank will issue a “request credit term” and not a “request credit”.

Good to know:
Thus, the own value does not deteriorate. Often, insurance companies are also offered for the loan. These should not be completed. Especially the residual debt insurance is gladly offered and often you do not notice it at all. That’s why at the conclusion should be paid to the conditions exactly. Otherwise, the loan would only unnecessarily expensive.

How to get low on a loan for dentures?

How to get low on a loan for dentures?

As soon as the consideration is in the space to take a denture loan, a point should be given special attention. Namely the amount of the estimated interest of the respective financial institution. There are times when these rates are rather low. Since you should strike to get low on the credit.

To note:
In the case of a dental treatment is usually spoken by ‘only’ a few thousand euros. No matter whether home or direct bank – today it is in particular just such small loans, which one receives already on suitable conditions. To recommend is always a comparison of all possible offers. Although usually relatively good conditions, there are now and then also differences in terms of interest and monthly installments.

How do you get a loan for dentures in no time?

How do you get a loan for dentures in no time?

Often you can contact your dentist directly . Because many of them cooperate with financial service providers (often subsidized by dental laboratories) and can thus lend out loans.

If it turns out that the dental work is particularly urgent, you can also consider instant loans. Normally easily lockable online, the sum is then transferred in the shortest time or even immediately to the specified account.

It is important not to lose sight of the running times. It is true that longer terms mean higher costs at the same time. Side by side with the dentist, the optimal solution can be found.

What to look for in a loan for dentures?

First and foremost, you should obtain several loan offers in order to then decide for the best. When choosing, the focus should be on a few features. Of significant importance are the accrued interest. They determine whether it is ultimately a cheap or expensive financing of the dentures. In advance, it must be noted exactly what the general monthly financial position is. This results in the amount of monthly loan installments and the repayment term.

It is also important to look out to what extent banks allow repayment pegging and / or special repayments. That is, how they respond to it if the sum can not be paid off as planned or if one is able to repay higher sums than originally agreed.

Which documents should be kept available?

Which documents should be kept available?

As with other types of credit, it is up to the financing bank to conduct a credit check before consent. Above all, evidence of an open-ended, current employment relationship and income must be made available. Beneficiaries of Hartz IV and other types of social benefits are required to provide information. In addition, the financial institution also initiates a Schufa request, which is also necessary to assess the creditworthiness.

With bad creditworthiness one would have to take care of a citizen. This occurs then, so that the credit for dentures despite everything is in the way. However, there are also banks that grant credit even with a negative Schufa entry. But it should be noted that the interest will then be higher and the conditions are rather unfavorable.

What is the maximum amount of credit?

Before you go into the credit – turmoil, you should get the dentist to create a cost and treatment plan . He should explain all the treatment steps exactly and inform about possibly more favorable treatment options. If there is still uncertainty, a second – free of charge for public patients – opinion can be obtained.

So can be calculated exactly on the basis of the cost plan, which costs must be expected for the dentures. This results in the reverse of the amount of the required loan. If you refrain from such steps, you may run the risk of ultimately having too little or too little money.


Used car loan

To finance a used car through a loan

 To finance a used car through a loan

Without your own vehicle, you will not get far today. You do not need the car just for private trips, but often for the way to work. Of course, cars offer many advantages, but they are also not cheap. New cars in particular can quickly cost several thousand euros. This one does not just lie on the bench. That’s why many interested parties opt for a used car. Here you get a vehicle that has been in use for some time. However, it does not have to be worse than a new car. The big advantage is that you can save a lot of money.


To finance a used car through a loan

  • Buy a used car with a loan
  • What must be respected?
  • Comparisons help further
  • How to proceed with the credit for used cars?
  • Types of used car loans
  • What role does credit rating play?
  • The used car loan with insurance
  • What is possible with low income?

Buy a used car with a loan

 Buy a used car with a loan

Even a used car can cost a lot of money . If you have not saved anything or negotiate any installment, then a used car loan will certainly help. There are today different loans, which come for a used car in question. Of course, the big advantage is that you do not have to spend the whole amount at once .

You just have to apply to your house bank or another bank and apply for a suitable loan. This loan is then paid off month after month. The term is of course always dependent on the loan amount, the interest and your own income.

What must be respected?

 What must be respected?

The monthly installments of the loan must not exceed your own possibilities . It is best to keep a household book so that you have an accurate overview of the finances. Only then can you find a loan that fits into your own environment. It is important that one also includes the maintenance costs of a vehicle . These include not only petrol and taxes, but also repairs and insurance.

Good to know:
The loan should have a short term. Although there are offers over 48, 60 or even more months, but this often has the consequence that the interest rate is disproportionately high . In most cases, the shorter the repayment term, the cheaper the loan. The repayment term should never be longer than the time in which you want to drive the car. The loan amount can also be pushed down a bit. This is possible if you pay about 20 to 30 percent of the purchase price.

An alternative is to invest the saved money at a low interest rate . It then offers security. Before you buy a used car through a loan, you should be clear how much the car is worth. If the rates are too high, then the vehicle will not make much fun. One should not get too big financial restrictions through the loan.

Comparisons help further

Of course, it is not always easy to find the right loan for a used car. So you do not choose the wrong offer, you should start a comparison. In this then many important questions can be clarified . Special repayments, maturities, installments, hedges and other items are also included in the comparison.

In addition, you can save a lot of time and effort with a comparison. After all, the comparison portal handles all the work. You look at the end only the best results . Surely you will be able to quickly and easily find and use a suitable loan for a used car.

How to proceed with the credit for used cars?

 How to proceed with the credit for used cars?

Before concluding the contract for the (online) used car loan, read the general terms and conditions (GTC) well, because all duties and rights of the two contractual partners are specified . Sign the contract only if you agree with all contract options, in case of doubt, the Consumer Center is available to advise you.

Print out the entire contract or save it on your own PC, because in this way you will have to prove later in case of any ambiguity what has actually been agreed in writing. In addition to buying real estate, buying a vehicle is one of the most common private investments, and you can often get a cash rebate with used car loan.

Types of used car loans

 Types of used car loans

There are different types of car loans, with the installment loan for free use, the financing of the used car is possible . A special car loan may be used only for the purchase of the car, other consumer needs can not be financed with the car loan. The “zero percent financing” by the used car dealer should have the advantage that no interest and fees are incurred. As a disadvantage, however, immediately noticed that for the discount for the cash payment of the used car deleted.

The house bank is not always the best address for the cheapest car loan, credit comparison portals are the right place to find the used car loan, which currently has the lowest interest rates and other fees.

What role does credit rating play?

Consumer advocates often complain that credit-based car loans are not transparent enough because banks can grant benefits to higher-earning applicants that ordinary earners can only dream of. However, future borrowers with excellent creditworthiness are welcome to use credit-based used-car loans to save interest.

Short maturities with relatively high rates have the advantage that the money can be used to pay in cash for the used vehicle and the total interest burden remains low .

In addition, the current interest rate policy contributes to the fact that car loans are cheap for many banks, who wants to keep his savings as a reserve, uses the car loan for the realization of the used car purchase.

The used car loan with insurance

 The used car loan with insurance

Comprehensive insurance is mandatory for most car banks offering car loan. When financing with an installment loan, the borrower can freely choose whether a partial or full insurance is to take place. The residual debt insurance is also offered by many banks, a lucrative business for the banks, the borrowers are hedged with financial difficulties.

In times of digital change, everyone can be affected by downsizing and the residual debt insurance paves the way to a life without residual debt, because in case of job loss, the rates are quickly priceless. The final installment financing keeps the monthly installments for repayment of the loan for the next used car as small as possible.

What is possible with low income?

Trainees, students, the self-employed or job seekers often have a limited budget , the dream of used cars can still be realized with the right bank. For self-employed, there are some banks that tolerate the irregular income with a reasonable credit rating and approve the loan after consultation. Anyone who selects a bank that presents offers for self-employed from the beginning increases the chances of accepting the loan application.

For the other target groups it is similar, often it is already clear on the Internet appearance of the bank, whether the desired credit for the used car is also granted for borrowers with a tight budget, because these applicants in many cases urgently need the car, for example Time-saving to get to the apprenticeship or to the applicant interview in the city.


Civil servant loan – soft loans for civil servants compared

A civil service loan can only get the one who is actually also civil servants. The official has always been one of those borrowers who, from the creditor’s point of view, is particularly creditworthy. Civil servants are often referred to as public servants. They are not contractual employees, but they are appointed to the civil service with a certificate to the official. The public service includes public authorities, corporations and institutions under public law as well as other institutions and organizations at the federal level, in the federal states as well as in the municipalities, the local municipalities.

The appointed for life officials can not be dismissed by his employer. As the term “for life” expresses, the documentary appointment takes place for the entire duration of the employment. At the same time, this job security ensures the regular monthly income. Workers receive wages, employees their salary, and civil servants the salary. Against this background, from the point of view of banks and savings banks, the official is an almost ideal borrower for civil service loans. As a result, civil servants usually also receive very low-interest loans .

 Civil servant loan - soft loan for civil servants  


  • 1 Civil service loan – self-sufficient loan product with high security
  • 2 High Civil Service Loans for Administration, Teachers, Police and Justice
    • 2.1 Credit for civil servants
  • 3 Final official loan combined with endowment life insurance
  • 4 loan calculator for civil servants
  • Compare and apply for 5 official loans online

Official Loan – Standalone Loan Product with High Security

 Official Loan - Standalone Loan Product with High Security

The term civil service loan is not protected, it is also no own loan or loan form. The designation is based rather on the professional function of the borrower. He is an official. Until the civil servant is appointed a permanent civil servant, he “passes through” the various career stages as a probationary, revocation, and temporary civil servant. During these years, the official has to prove himself both on duty and off duty, as it is called. He is expected to serve as a role model both privately and professionally. Administrative offenses or even punishable acts are not only prosecuted under civil law, but also tracked and evaluated under civil service law. The driving license withdrawal for alcohol reasons can certainly be registered in the personnel file. This has a negative impact on later promotions or appointments to civil servant status.

The offer of a civil servant loan has therefore always been aimed exclusively at the group of civil servants. Over the past few decades, credit institutions have increasingly resorted to extending this “non-terminable official” requirement to non-negotiable public sector employees. Their job is comparably safe after a given number of years of service, but not as “bomb-proof” as the civil service status for life. While civil servants are completely excluded from the risk of default due to job losses, this is largely the case for civil servants. There are virtually no civil servants in this day and age. Their areas of activity, such as the municipal cemetery or the city nursery, have been outsourced by the municipalities into individual companies. The workers employed there only rarely have comparable job security as employees or even civil servants.

High official loan for administration, teachers, police and justice

The credit institutions are free in the interpretation and offer of their respective official loan. In some cases, a five- and several-year employment with the same civil service authority is sufficient to provide a loan of very favorable annual interest. There are literally millions of potential borrowers nationwide. They range from administrative officials to judicial officers to judges and prosecutors, to law enforcement officers to the police, to full-time teachers, to civil servants and to professional soldiers. For the lender, it is easy to check the income situation of the civil servant or employee in the public service and to make a short financial check. Nevertheless, even for the officials a short credit comparison with a loan calculator is worthwhile. Since time immemorial, the maximum limit of the civil service loan was based exclusively on the salary and the current marital status. The term was and is still significantly longer today than in other consumer loans . They usually have to be repaid after seven years.

Credit for civil servants

The normal term for the civil service loan is 120 months and is extended in many cases by a further 60 months to a total of 15 years, which, of course, significantly better credit conditions than regular consumer credit for unofficial employees or self-employed. Nevertheless, interest rates still play a major role, of course. And other important points, such as special repayments or installment breaks on civil servants’ credit, must be taken into account. The likelihood of a loan or credit application being submitted by the credit bank is very high, but it still depends on net income.

For the lender this is almost without risk, because the subsequent civil service pension is guaranteed by law. The official, even if he wanted to, for legal reasons could not do without his later pension. The character of a loan is that, with a good or very good credit rating, the effective interest rate decreases as the loan term increases. This is evident in a long-term loan for civil servants and academics. Officials and employees pay less interest on consumer credit in the form of a installment loan with a visibly longer loan term bottom line and therefore enjoy preferential conditions compared to other professional groups. Basically, the civil service loan is similar in its long term with a real estate financing and the associated first fixed interest period.

Final official loan combined with endowment life insurance

Civil servant loans are almost always worthwhile

Depending on the form of loan, loans for civil servants are particularly worthwhile

The special feature of a civil service loan, so to speak with a unique selling point on the credit and loan market for consumers, is the combination of loans and life insurance. It is possible because the long term of the official loan corresponds with the term of a life insurance policy from twelve years upwards. Civil servant loans are thus in principle a special loan. Together with the civil service loan, a capital life insurance of at least the same amount is concluded and simultaneously assigned to the lender.

It is due exactly when the final repayment installment for the Civil Service Loan becomes due. The monthly payment for the loan is limited to the interest. The monthly repayment installment is replaced by the contribution for life insurance. Definitive in this sense means that the official loan at the end of the contract is due in one sum for repayment. This loan repayment is made from the life insurance ceded to the lender. The insurer transfers the due loan amount directly to the bank. The remainder will be paid to the borrower, ie civil servants or civil servants.

This is usually the case with accumulated interest and surpluses from endowment life insurance. With this peculiarity of the civil service loan, the public sector borrower kills two birds with one stone. He gets paid a high long-term civil service loan at the lowest possible lending rates, and he secured this loan debt from the beginning with a life insurance policy. This is also due for the premature death of the policyholder. Another component is the payment of twice the insured sum in case of accidental death. The family members of the borrower are at the time of his death prior to the expiry of the contract debt. In a similar way, real estate financing is covered by term life insurance.

The status of civil servant also helps relatively low-income employees to obtain a relatively long-term loan. This group of persons includes those in the lower and middle civil service, as well as the equivalent of today’s TVöD, the collective agreement for the public service remunerated employees. Decisive and decisive for the positive award of a civil service loan are the security of the job and the associated income guarantee. In contrast to companies in the private sector, public authorities, institutions and organizations can not go bankrupt. Moreover, according to the constitutional principle of “alimentation” of the respective authority, its most urgent task as employer is to provide the servant with adequate livelihood during his active service and in the subsequent rest period. In short, before renewing the street or rehabilitating the local school, salaries and pensions must be funded for the active as well as for the retired civil servant. That always has priority.

A well-known and renowned provider of civil service loans is the general official bank .

In conclusion, it should be noted: the civil service loan is low-interest and safe

  • The concept of civil service loan, strictly limited to civil servants in the past century, has visibly weakened at the present time.
  • A key reason for this is the competition among the lenders in the award of a “surefire loan”.
  • The group of people for such a long-term consumer loan has been extended from civil servants to employees, in some cases to workers.
  • The criterion of “public service” has remained unchanged in the allocation of civil service loans, but has been adapted to the present situation with multiple privatizations by former state authorities such as postal and rail.
  • From a credit standpoint, the safest person to remain as a borrower is the lifetime civil servant, since the late 2000s, without the previous minimum age of 27 years.
  • The combination of official loans and endowment life insurance is still unique today.

Loan calculator for civil servants

 Loan calculator for civil servants

There are no lump-sum loan accounts for civil servants , but almost every credit provider has a query of the profession and income in the respective loan calculator until later in the online loan application. Here, officials can then select accordingly and then get a better credit rating as a rule, as well as other applicants.

Compare and apply for civil servant credit online

 Compare and apply for civil servant credit online

The official loan can also be easily compared and requested online. Almost all credit providers offer in the online loan applications the possibility to indicate as a status or profession “officiated”. Nevertheless, officials should also locally inquire at the house bank, to have an additional means of comparison.

Car loan with final installment – immediately mobile, cleverly financed 2018

Car loan finances new car

Buy the new car or the cheap annual car immediately and pay off easily. A car loan with final installment is usually the best choice here. He optimally adapts to his own financial scope – small monthly installments, flexible final financing and terms included.

No matter whether it is the cheap second car, the fancy family SUV or a practical mobile home: Paying for a car when buying a car has long since become an exception in a car dealership. Why, you could say! Because dealer financing, leasing contracts and special car loans from banks offer you all sorts of opportunities here. Particularly flexible and recommendable is a car loan with final installment – usually called balloon financing.

This can be optimally adapted to your financial options: with or without down payment, favorable monthly payments during the repayment term and a final installment on request to end the financing. This makes car wishes easier and faster – and often even cheaper.


    • 0.1 Cheap Car Loans on the Internet
  • 1 Secure dealer discounts – cash payer with car loan
    • 1.1 Apply for a car loan and finance it tomorrow
    • 1.2 Stay Flexible on Car Financing – Closing Rate and More
      • 1.2.1 Car loan tip 2018: Compare exactly before each financing

Cheap car loans on the Internet

Cheap car loans on the Internet

Car loans are cheaper in the vast majority of cases via the Internet. With direct banks without an expensive branch network, you benefit from a particularly low effective interest rate for car financing. Without additional fees, even that is ultimately crucial for your cheap car loan. Already in the online application of the direct banks, you can decide whether you want to conclude a classic car loan with installment or the smart variant with final installment. You can select the desired loan amount, term and the amount of the final installment in the online loan calculator itself and then calculate the monthly installment for your car loan. A possible deposit – this can be, for example, the purchase price for your current used at the dealer – reduces the necessary loan amount. With the size of the final installment and your chosen term, you can fine-tune the monthly installment to your monthly budget.

Good to know: Online car loans (eg from the SWK Bank) usually offer a maximum loan amount of 50,000 euros. With a maturity of 12 to 84 months, you usually have a lot of leeway everywhere to make your financing flexible. Application, processing and further procedures are also completely online. Also, you have, similar to the traditional branch bank, with direct banks competent contact persons who answer your questions about loan application or loan repayment usually by e-mail, on the phone or in the fast callback service promptly.

Secure rich dealer discounts – cash payer with car loan

With a car loan from banks at attractive online conditions, you even benefit twice: you not only get unbeatable low interest rates and flexible repayment possibilities. Thanks to cash payments from your car dealer, you can also negotiate hefty discounts or bonuses such as special packages, regardless of whether you choose a new car, a leasing return or a used car. Of course, financing of a motorcycle, a motorhome or a pickup truck with the car loan including final installment are cheap and safe.

An important advantage for you: banks’ online car loan is not tied to any vehicle brand or vehicle type – so you can choose exactly the vehicle you really want to buy. Cheap dealer loans with follow-up financing, however, are often tied to certain types and models, not infrequently also discontinued models. In addition, it is usually difficult here with larger discounts in the dealership.

Apply for a car loan and finance it tomorrow

If the right model is found, of course, the funding should go as quickly as possible on the stage. Again, as a borrower with a direct bank you clearly have the advantage: You can calculate your car loan quickly and easily on the Internet, get your personal non-binding offer and then immediately complete the car loan online. Unlike many traditional branch banks, balloon financing for your car or motorcycle does not take many days. In a few minutes all online steps of financing are done. Thanks to digital graduation processes, you can usually have your money in one or two days and be able to tackle the final negotiations in the dealership immediately. If you deposit the registration certificate Part II or the security transfer agreement and the purchase contract of the new vehicle as security with your bank, this serves as additional security and thus often brings even more favorable conditions.

Especially with specialized online credit banks – such as SWK Bank from Bingen – you benefit from this fast service:

  • Simple calculation of car loan in the online calculator
  • Non-binding loan request in a few steps
  • Immediate preliminary online loan commitment and contract
  • Fast online legitimation via video on the PC
  • Immediate conclusion with online document transfer and digital signature
  • Automatic credit check
  • Immediate disbursement of the car loan after a few days

Info: For trainees and students, the self-employed or freelancers as well as for the financing of company vehicles and online car loans are often not possible or only to a limited extent on the Internet. The precise conditions for granting the loan can be obtained from the respective bank itself. In addition to the age of majority of the borrower, SWK Bank, for example, requires a fixed employment relationship of at least six months without a probationary period. However, loans to other interested parties are possible via the partner auxmoney.

Stay Flexible on Car Financing – Closing Rate and More

Stay Flexible on Car Financing - Closing Rate and More

Of course, the agreed final installment of the car loan can be either completely transferred to your vehicle at the end of the financing, or it can be further financed with a new car loan afterwards. However, the high flexibility of modern car loans goes much further: In addition to the agreed monthly installments – which you can usually deduct from your checking account either on the 1st or the 15th of each month -, direct banks generally always allow for additional special repayments in any amount during your stay the repayment phase. This will allow you to shorten the original credit period and save interest costs. Many credit providers on the Internet also allow the early repayment of the entire remainder of the car loan before the end of the contract. For you this means: If maturing savings funds can, for example, be restructured or if unexpected cash falls into the house, you can pay off your remaining auto loan, including the final installment, at any time before expiry. An important advantage here: Such special repayments and loan repayment in the online car loan are usually free of charge for you.

Car loan tip 2018: Compare exactly before each financing

As with any installment loan or consumer credit , the same applies to buying a car: Before completing a car loan, you should carefully review and compare all financing offers. If you have already obtained one or the other offer from the dealer or your bank, you can quickly and easily search for cheaper financing with an online loan calculator.