Car loan with final installment – immediately mobile, cleverly financed 2018

Car loan finances new car

Buy the new car or the cheap annual car immediately and pay off easily. A car loan with final installment is usually the best choice here. He optimally adapts to his own financial scope – small monthly installments, flexible final financing and terms included.

No matter whether it is the cheap second car, the fancy family SUV or a practical mobile home: Paying for a car when buying a car has long since become an exception in a car dealership. Why, you could say! Because dealer financing, leasing contracts and special car loans from banks offer you all sorts of opportunities here. Particularly flexible and recommendable is a car loan with final installment – usually called balloon financing.

This can be optimally adapted to your financial options: with or without down payment, favorable monthly payments during the repayment term and a final installment on request to end the financing. This makes car wishes easier and faster – and often even cheaper.


    • 0.1 Cheap Car Loans on the Internet
  • 1 Secure dealer discounts – cash payer with car loan
    • 1.1 Apply for a car loan and finance it tomorrow
    • 1.2 Stay Flexible on Car Financing – Closing Rate and More
      • 1.2.1 Car loan tip 2018: Compare exactly before each financing

Cheap car loans on the Internet

Cheap car loans on the Internet

Car loans are cheaper in the vast majority of cases via the Internet. With direct banks without an expensive branch network, you benefit from a particularly low effective interest rate for car financing. Without additional fees, even that is ultimately crucial for your cheap car loan. Already in the online application of the direct banks, you can decide whether you want to conclude a classic car loan with installment or the smart variant with final installment. You can select the desired loan amount, term and the amount of the final installment in the online loan calculator itself and then calculate the monthly installment for your car loan. A possible deposit – this can be, for example, the purchase price for your current used at the dealer – reduces the necessary loan amount. With the size of the final installment and your chosen term, you can fine-tune the monthly installment to your monthly budget.

Good to know: Online car loans (eg from the SWK Bank) usually offer a maximum loan amount of 50,000 euros. With a maturity of 12 to 84 months, you usually have a lot of leeway everywhere to make your financing flexible. Application, processing and further procedures are also completely online. Also, you have, similar to the traditional branch bank, with direct banks competent contact persons who answer your questions about loan application or loan repayment usually by e-mail, on the phone or in the fast callback service promptly.

Secure rich dealer discounts – cash payer with car loan

With a car loan from banks at attractive online conditions, you even benefit twice: you not only get unbeatable low interest rates and flexible repayment possibilities. Thanks to cash payments from your car dealer, you can also negotiate hefty discounts or bonuses such as special packages, regardless of whether you choose a new car, a leasing return or a used car. Of course, financing of a motorcycle, a motorhome or a pickup truck with the car loan including final installment are cheap and safe.

An important advantage for you: banks’ online car loan is not tied to any vehicle brand or vehicle type – so you can choose exactly the vehicle you really want to buy. Cheap dealer loans with follow-up financing, however, are often tied to certain types and models, not infrequently also discontinued models. In addition, it is usually difficult here with larger discounts in the dealership.

Apply for a car loan and finance it tomorrow

If the right model is found, of course, the funding should go as quickly as possible on the stage. Again, as a borrower with a direct bank you clearly have the advantage: You can calculate your car loan quickly and easily on the Internet, get your personal non-binding offer and then immediately complete the car loan online. Unlike many traditional branch banks, balloon financing for your car or motorcycle does not take many days. In a few minutes all online steps of financing are done. Thanks to digital graduation processes, you can usually have your money in one or two days and be able to tackle the final negotiations in the dealership immediately. If you deposit the registration certificate Part II or the security transfer agreement and the purchase contract of the new vehicle as security with your bank, this serves as additional security and thus often brings even more favorable conditions.

Especially with specialized online credit banks – such as SWK Bank from Bingen – you benefit from this fast service:

  • Simple calculation of car loan in the online calculator
  • Non-binding loan request in a few steps
  • Immediate preliminary online loan commitment and contract
  • Fast online legitimation via video on the PC
  • Immediate conclusion with online document transfer and digital signature
  • Automatic credit check
  • Immediate disbursement of the car loan after a few days

Info: For trainees and students, the self-employed or freelancers as well as for the financing of company vehicles and online car loans are often not possible or only to a limited extent on the Internet. The precise conditions for granting the loan can be obtained from the respective bank itself. In addition to the age of majority of the borrower, SWK Bank, for example, requires a fixed employment relationship of at least six months without a probationary period. However, loans to other interested parties are possible via the partner auxmoney.

Stay Flexible on Car Financing – Closing Rate and More

Stay Flexible on Car Financing - Closing Rate and More

Of course, the agreed final installment of the car loan can be either completely transferred to your vehicle at the end of the financing, or it can be further financed with a new car loan afterwards. However, the high flexibility of modern car loans goes much further: In addition to the agreed monthly installments – which you can usually deduct from your checking account either on the 1st or the 15th of each month -, direct banks generally always allow for additional special repayments in any amount during your stay the repayment phase. This will allow you to shorten the original credit period and save interest costs. Many credit providers on the Internet also allow the early repayment of the entire remainder of the car loan before the end of the contract. For you this means: If maturing savings funds can, for example, be restructured or if unexpected cash falls into the house, you can pay off your remaining auto loan, including the final installment, at any time before expiry. An important advantage here: Such special repayments and loan repayment in the online car loan are usually free of charge for you.

Car loan tip 2018: Compare exactly before each financing

As with any installment loan or consumer credit , the same applies to buying a car: Before completing a car loan, you should carefully review and compare all financing offers. If you have already obtained one or the other offer from the dealer or your bank, you can quickly and easily search for cheaper financing with an online loan calculator.


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