Civil servant loan – soft loans for civil servants compared

A civil service loan can only get the one who is actually also civil servants. The official has always been one of those borrowers who, from the creditor’s point of view, is particularly creditworthy. Civil servants are often referred to as public servants. They are not contractual employees, but they are appointed to the civil […]

Car loan with final installment – immediately mobile, cleverly financed 2018

Car loan finances new car Buy the new car or the cheap annual car immediately and pay off easily. A car loan with final installment is usually the best choice here. He optimally adapts to his own financial scope – small monthly installments, flexible final financing and terms included. No matter whether it is the […]

Loan between family members: Private writing anti profitability

Among cohabiting family members (spouses, children, parents ) but also between close relatives (grandchildren, brothers and sisters, grandparents, etc.), non-interest bearing loans are frequently used for the purchase of goods of a certain importance, such as buildings, cars, or of other nature. In these cases, given the close relationship, the loans were made without resorting […]

Credit for employees

The loan for employees – low-interest with comfortable terms and repayment options A loan for employees is comparable to a classic installment loan with variable maturities. It is granted to administrative employees, civil servants, commercial employees and civil servants who require additional funds in the short or long term. Especially for employees, the conditions are […]